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Future trends, increased transparency and what it means for MNC businesses video

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Publication date: 09 Sep 21 | Source: NATIONAL DIVISION, THE TAX INSTITUTE

This video covers:

  • Recent trends in Europe leading towards mandatory public disclosure of tax information
  • Using some example case studies, how Australian outbound MNCs can be impacted by these rules even though the same rules don’t (yet) apply in Australia
  • Whether publishing more information solves (or exacerbates) the issue of trust; and
  • Where will it end?

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Future trends, increased transparency and what it means for MNC businesses
Author(s):  Tammy Eccles,  Tony Gorgas

Author profiles

Tammy Eccles
Tony Gorgas
Tony is a Partner in KPMG’s Transfer Pricing practice with over 15 years of experience advising multinational groups on complex transfer pricing issues. With prior commercial experience negotiating arm’s length pricing arrangements, Tony provides a practical interpretation of the complex technical rule book. Tony’s abilities to influence and negotiate on behalf of clients are the cornerstone of his reputation. Tony advises a number of the world’s leading enterprises on transfer pricing within Australia and across the ASPAC region. He is KPMG’s leader for a number of clients in the technology and media space. Tony has extensive contacts within the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and has strong working relationships with the ATO’s Competent Authority. Tony has successfully concluded APAs (Advance Pricing Arrangements) involving a wide variety of transactions including large business restructuring. Tony successfully concluded APAs with key jurisdictions including the US, UK, Japan and Korea, and he has valuable experience in the resolution of Mutual Agreement Proceedings between Competent Authorities. - Current at 19 July 2013
This was presented at 2021 National Transfer Pricing Conference .

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