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Vic 2nd Annual Tax Forum

Published on 09 Oct 2014 | Took place at Park Hyatt, Melbourne, VIC

The Tax Forum was intended to provide you with up-to-date and insightful commentary on the tax issues that are most important to you in the current environment, as well as opportunities to upgrade your knowledge in other ways which will help you deal with the current tax world.

This event once again assembled a group of speakers and panellists of the highest quality from across the spectrum of the tax community. Whatever your area of involvement in tax, the program provided a wide range of ways to benefit from the expertise and experience of these leading tax professionals.

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Individual sessions

The Board of Taxation’s role in improving the tax system

Author(s):  Teresa DYSON

This presentation covers:

  • Board’s function
  • tax design issues
  • current/recent tax technical reviews
  • Ministerial Advisory Council for deregulation on taxation matters
  • concluding remarks.
Materials from this session:

Transfer pricing… The new era

Author(s):  Keir CORNISH,  Sian Jackson-Findlay

This paper covers:

  • an introduction to the new era
  • new law
  • new guidance
  • new ATO
  • the tax function response.
Materials from this session:

GST – The more issues stay the same the more we need to change

Author(s):  Michael EVANS

This paper covers:

  • the MBI case
  • AP Group Limited v Commissioner of Taxation
  • cross-border transactions.
Materials from this session:

ADR report card

Author(s):  Catherine Willis

This paper covers:

  • the dispute resolution context
  • use of ADR by the ATO
  • looking forward
  • resources for further reference.
Materials from this session:

Decision analysis: A tool for handling tax matters

Author(s):  Tim VAN GELDER

This paper covers:

  • an evaluation of tax strategies with Monte Carlo simulation
  • decision trees for ATO disputes
  • introducing decision analysis, and
  • concerns about decision analysis.
Materials from this session:

Financing transactions in a post - BEPS environment

Author(s):  Matt BIRRELL

This paper covers:

  • BEPS
  • infrastructure financing.
Materials from this session:

The risks & opportunities in transfer pricing for SMEs

Author(s):  David LEWIS

This presentation covers:

  • context
  • impact
  • implications for SMEs
  • BEPS and IP
  • what does it mean?
  • IP considerations
  • risk assessment
  • design
  • operational transfer pricing
  • documentation
  • planning.
Materials from this session:

Data assets, big data and the ATO

Author(s):  Philip Thorpe

This presentation covers:

  • data collection
  • big data
  • data exchange
  • how we use data
  • where we are headed.
Materials from this session:

Reasonably arguable position – Fools gold or precious metal?

Author(s):  Michael FLYNN

This paper covers:

  • the reasonably arguable standard – Definition and history
  • survey of cases in which taxpayer has claimed a reasonably arguable position
  • new transfer pricing documentation requirements.
Materials from this session:

Division 7A -Taking stock

Author(s):  Robyn Jacobson

This paper covers:

  • Board of Taxation review
  • practical observations
  • ATO guidance & developments.


Materials from this session:

Private equity and venture capital: The state of play

Author(s):  Kar Mei Tang

This presentation covers:

  • raising a fund
  • investing a fund
  • enough about the theory already.



Materials from this session:

Understanding the promoter penalty provisions in the light of Ludekens and Barossa Vines

Author(s):  Sam Ure

This paper covers:

  • the Ludekens decision
  • FCT v Barossa Vines Ltd
  • the penalties.


Materials from this session:

SMSFs - It’s just not about tax

Author(s):  Heather GRAY

This paper covers:

  • the latest on limited recourse borrowing
  • ATO powers
  • superstream - the impact on SMSFs 
  • excess contributions - the new rules and recent cases
  • death benefits - recent cases and lessons for SMSFs.
Materials from this session:

Recent transactions

Author(s):  Paul ABBEY

This presentation covers:

  • buy-backs – Wesfarmers, Telstra
  • rights issues – Billabong, AGL
  • demergers – Brickworks
  • restructuring stapled groups – Sydney Airport, Lend Lease
  • pre-acquisition dividends – Warrnambool Cheese & Butter acquired by Saputo
  • capital raising – Westpac Banking Corporation.
Materials from this session:

Operating your business abroad

Author(s):  Chris BIRCHALL,  Denise HONEY

This paper covers:

  • pros and cons of an overseas structure
  • structuring alternatives
  • implementation risk/practical/commercial issues. 


Materials from this session:

Topical tax cases and rulings for large corporates

Author(s):  Richard CZERWIK

This presentation covers:

  • tax cases
  • ATO guidance & rulings.


Materials from this session:

Significant tax cases and rulings - SME and HWI sectors

Author(s):  Daniel Slater,  Farzeen Anwar

This paper covers:

  • litigation continues as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes pervade the tax controversy lifecycle
  • cases relevant to the SME sector
  • ATO public rulings program
  • voluntary disclosure – project do it.
Materials from this session:

Independent contractors personal services income

Author(s):  Ron JORGENSEN

This paper covers:

  • relationship classification
  • income tax
  • SG charge
  • director penalty notices
  • payroll tax.
Materials from this session:

I’ve looked at tax from both sides now

Author(s):  Andrew MILLS

This paper covers a speech by Andrew Mills, Second Commissioner, Law Design and Practice, ATO.


Materials from this session:

Data assets, big data and the new tax world

Author(s):  Matt Kuperholz

This presentation covers:

  • is data an important asset?
  • analytics creates value from data
  • business understanding
  • data understanding
  • data preparation
  • modelling.




Materials from this session:

“Nurturing willing participation” - The 2014 offshore voluntary disclosure initiative: A contextual, situational and comparative analysis

Author(s):  Paul SOKOLOWSKI,  Jonathan Ortner

This paper covers:

  • the international and domestic context
  • the 2014 OVDI - situational analysis
  • international comparison,



Materials from this session: