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Property Transactions: Think about GST or else!

Published on 18 Mar 2014 | Took place at Online, SA

In a GST world, property transactions are notoriously difficult – even if the transaction itself appears ordinary. Many have hoped that, in adopting the “speak no evil” approach, it would follow that the inherent GST problems would remain unseen and unheard. However, as a result of a number of rulings and court cases over the years, views that had thought to be settled have been challenged. Recent developments mean that we need to recast our views and practices on even fundamental practices. What do you do now?

This session examined the areas in which the law and practice has changed to provide a checklist of issues to reconsider for property structures and transactions.

Individual sessions

Property transactions - Think about GST or else!

Author(s):  Michael EVANS

This paper covers:

  • GST legislative treatment of real property supplies
  • residential, commercial residential and non-residential premises
  • the sale of leased premises – who pays the GST on rental?
  • going concerns and farm land – the monster in the cupboard.
Materials from this session: