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32nd National Convention

Published on 16 Mar 2017 | Took place at Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, National

This industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. SME and Corporate practitioners will all, at some point, have to change the way they think, work and provide services to their clients. Technology, digital disruption, globalisation and an increase in compliance and reporting requirements will continue to challenge current trends, traditional tax laws and the way regulators operate.

This event covered some of the following topics:

  • private business: what’s attracting the Commissioner’s attention
  • SMSF audit risks – tax vs SIS
  • the sharing economy
  • stapled securities
  • non-resident CGT withholding - focus on property.

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Individual sessions

The sharing economy

Author(s):  Kristen DEARDS

This paper covers:

  • what is the “sharing economy”?
  • taxation issues for service providers
  • taxation issues for hosts or facilitators (the intermediaries)
  • issues for the Commissioner.
Materials from this session:

The Justice Hill memorial lecture – Law, morality and multinationals

Author(s):  Richard GELSKI

This paper covers:

  • morality or politics – attitudes to tax avoidance and the Dastyari effect
  • overview of OECD action
  • how far does the arm in ‘arm’s length’ stretch?
  • a Chancellor of tax.
Materials from this session:

The future professional

Author(s):  Stephen HEALEY

This paper covers:

  • a possible future model – “the trusted concierge”
  • unprecedented change
  • living in exponential times
  • the sharing economy
  • robotics, automation and Artificial Intelligence – what could this mean?
Materials from this session:

What is the point of having Part IVA? (in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936)

Author(s):  Justice John LOGAN

This paper covers what is the point of having Part IVA?

Materials from this session:

SMSF audit risk – Tax v SIS

Author(s):  Shirley SCHAEFER

This paper covers:

  • SMSF audit
  • contributions to super
  • payment of benefits
  • limited recourse borrowing arrangements.
Materials from this session:

Transfer pricing in practice for smaller enterprises

Author(s):  Chris BOWMAN

This paper covers:

  • Australia’s transfer pricing and related documentation rules
  • Australia’s simplified record keeping option
  • documentation – what it looks like to gain a chance of penalty reduction
  • country by country reporting – the position to date.
Materials from this session:

Key tax issues for SMEs looking to expand offshore

Author(s):  Denise HONEY,  Suzanne Bushell

This paper covers:

  • going overseas – where to next?
  • structuring
  • Iintragroup arrangements
  • watch-outs
  • emerging issue – multilateral instrument (MLI).
Materials from this session:

Growing your SMSF – The current state of play

Author(s):  Linda FARMER

This paper covers:

  • key super reforms
  • contributions
  • ATO SMSF agenda
  • foreign superannuation transfers.
Materials from this session:

Recent cases

Author(s):  Daniella Di Girolamo

This paper covers:

  • recent cases – an overview
  • ATO litigation - statistics
  • High Court cases
  • Full Court of the Federal Court.
Materials from this session:

Market valuations for tax purposes

Author(s):  Fiona Hansen,  Robert YUNAN,  Wendy Lim

This paper covers:

  • fixed assets and depreciation
  • corporatization of the trust
  • commercial debt forgiveness
  • issuing shares in exchange for services – ordinary/statutory income
  • earn outs and the small business concession.
Materials from this session:

Practice risk management including engagement management

Author(s):  Fiona HALSEY,  Mark HALSEY

This paper covers:

  • assessing the risk
  • managing the risk
  • restrictions upon your contracts
  • minimising the risk.
Materials from this session:

Judged by your deeds

Author(s):  Peter SLEGERS

This paper covers:

  • trust law issues
  • discretionary trusts and governance issues
  • unit trusts: capital distributions versus unit redemptions.
Materials from this session:

Non-resident CGT withholding – Focus on property

Author(s):  Paul HOCKRIDGE

This paper covers:

  • overview of measure
  • acquisitions – what sort?
  • foreign residents – relevant?
  • excluded transactions
  • administrative penalties
  • marriage and relationship breakdowns.
Materials from this session:

Umbrella trusts and trust splits

Author(s):  Alan KRAWITZ

This paper covers:

  • trust splitting
  • umbrella trusts
  • trust cloning
  • alternatives to trust splits.
Materials from this session:

Freezing orders: Debt management and enforcement

Author(s):  Ken LORD

This paper covers:

  • why does the Commissioner use freezing orders?
  • what is a freezing order and to what can it apply?
  • the Commissioner’s application for a freezing order
  • conditions for grant of a freezing order
  • how can a taxpayer or third party respond?
Materials from this session:

The tax anti-hybrid rules

Author(s):  Karen PAYNE

This paper covers:

  • the tax anti-hybrid rules
  • are we alone?
  • how did we get here?
  • the Board's report
  • when will the rules apply?
  • do the rules apply to me? are there exceptions?
Materials from this session:

Reflections from a global leader of the tax profession

Author(s):  John PRESTON

This presentation covers:

  • a global perspective on changes to the tax profession
  • the effects of technology on us all
  • global tax policy trends and working with revenue authorities
  • qualities needed for the future tax professional/CTA.
Materials from this session:

Are you eligible to use the small business restructure rollover?

Author(s):  Ian SNOOK

This presentation covers:

  • preliminary comments
  • effect of the rollover
  • conditions
  • examples.
Materials from this session:

ATO roundtable


Materials from this session:

Global regulatory information gathering powers and implications for Australian businesses

Author(s):  Jerome TSE

This paper covers:

  • domestic powers and inter-agency relations
  • bilateral and multilateral agreements and treaties
  • global initiatives to combat cross-border tax avoidance
  • implications for Australian businesses.
Materials from this session: