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25th Noosa Tax Intensive

Published on 16 Nov 2017 | Took place at Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort, Queensland, QLD

This event covered some of the following topics:

  • keynote address – looking back over 25 years of the Noosa Tax Intensive
  • superannuation – life and death in the brave new world
  • trusts and international tax issues
  • succession planning and re-organisation of privately held groups.

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Individual sessions

Workshop 2: Succession planning and reorganisation of privately held groups – Questions & suggested solutions

Author(s):  Chris ARDAGNA

This paper covers case studies and solutions on succession planning and reorganisation of privately held groups.


Materials from this session:

Plenary 2: Trusts - vesting, ruling from the grave, splitting, cloning, umbrella & master trusts & more!

Author(s):  Michael BUTLER

This paper covers:

  • rule against perpetuities
  • what happens when vesting day reached?
  • extending vesting day
  • what if vesting day has passed?
  • can you “rule from the grave” in SA?


Materials from this session:

Plenary 7: Part IVA – What is it all about in 2017?

Author(s):  Fletch HEINEMANN

This paper covers:

  • the 2012 amendments
  • scheme
  • tax benefits
  • sole or dominant purpose of obtaining a tax benefit
  • practical steps for advising SMEs.
Materials from this session:

Plenary 3: International tax issues for privately held groups

Author(s):  Denise HONEY

This paper covers:

  • trust residency
  • taxation of resident trusts
  • application of tax treaties to trusts
  • Australian taxation for non-resident trusts and their beneficiaries.
Materials from this session:

Plenary 4: Superannuation – Life and death in the brave new world

Author(s):  Suzanne MACKENZIE

This paper covers:

  • background - superannuation death benefits and estate planning
  • the big picture – what has changed for estate planning purposes?
  • particular areas of impact for estate planning purposes.
Materials from this session:

Workshop 1: Trusts and international tax issues – Questions & suggested solutions

Author(s):  Hannah SOH

This paper covers questions and solutions on trusts and international tax issues.

Materials from this session:

Plenary 6: SME reorganisations - To roll or not to roll

Author(s):  Andrew O'BRYAN

This paper covers:

  • small business entity and Division 152 concessions
  • summary of roll overs
  • what are the opportunities and issues for Sub-divisions 152-E and 328-G.
Materials from this session: