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24th Noosa Tax Intensive

Published on 10 Nov 2016 | Took place at Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort, Noosa, QLD

The Noosa Tax Intensive is a unique event due to its mix of high-quality plenary sessions and brain-teasing workshops. Some of the following was covered:

  • the great debate – on capital gains tax 31 years on
  • private company capital management
  • Part IVA and SME restructures
  • Div 7A and ATO hotspots.

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Individual sessions

Workshop 2: Division 7A & Division 152

Author(s):  Paul Banister,  Ash CHOTAI,  Stuart Glasgow,  Linda FARMER,  Brian Richards,  Neal DALLAS,  Maggie Millar

This paper covers case studies and solutions on Division 7A and Division 152.

Materials from this session:

Private company capital management – Part 1

Author(s):  Paul HOCKRIDGE

This paper covers:

  • dividends from 1 July 2015
  • SMSF shareholders
  • timing of dividends
  • using SMSF’s to strip private companies
  • can and should I declare dividends now or later?
  • can I declare a dividend? Corporations Act changes
  • Div 7A loans
  • no 50% CGT discount on sale of shares if the company recently acquired assets?
  • pre CGT shares and CGT event K6
  • share cancellations, buy-backs and reductions
  • other capital reductions
  • special classes of shares
  • excessive remuneration
  • tax losses
  • Div 152 CGT small business relief
  • liquidation.
Materials from this session:

Workshop 3: Part IVA

Author(s):  David W MARKS

This paper covers questions and solutions on Part IVA.


Materials from this session:

Private company capital management – Part 2

Author(s):  David MARSCHKE,  Caitlin Murdock

This paper covers:

  • capital reductions, including share cancellations and share buy backs
  • new earn-out rules
  • funding the sell down
  • employee share schemes – Division 83A.
Materials from this session:

Workshop 1: Capital management issues

Author(s):  Scott McGill

This paper covers a case studies on capital management.

Materials from this session:

SMEs and tax – Forever changing

Author(s):  Linda Tapiolas

This paper covers:

  • small business restructure roll-overs
  • earnouts and interaction with Division 152
  • other Division 152 issues.
Materials from this session:

Loans and UPEs – Do we need a company bypass… Or maybe even a trust transplant?

Author(s):  Greg TRAVERS

This paper covers:

  • Division 7A
  • recommended changes
  • Division 7A and UPE strategies
  • life for Division 7A strategies after 1 July 2018.
Materials from this session:

When will Part IVA be an issue with SME reorganisations

Author(s):  Kirsten FISH,  Simon STEWARD

This presentation covers Part IVA and SME.


Materials from this session: