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2020 National Resources Tax Conference Online

Published on 11 Nov 2020 | Took place at Online, National

The 2020 National Resources Tax Conference Online is Australia’s leading conference focused entirely on the mining and oil & gas industries. It covered many topics including:

  • economic update
  • what directors are looking for from a tax risk management perspective
  • labour costs related to the construction or creation of capital assets
  • decommissioning offshore petroleum project infrastructure - regulatory and tax issues in the path forward for Australia.

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Individual sessions

What Directors are looking for from a tax risk management perspective

Author(s):  Teresa DYSON,  Michael Carey In the past few years Boards have become more involved with tax risk management. There are a number of reasons for this: tax has become a more important and topical issue in general; there is a deeper understanding of the financial and reputational impact associated with tax risks, and of course, the ATO’s recommended governance frameworks for tax functions and its expectations regarding board-level controls.

This video explores the impact of these developments from the perspective of Board members.

Materials from this session:

Labour costs related to the construction or creation of capital assets

Author(s):  Marcus RYAN,  David WOOD

This covers insights into the ATO’s compliance approach on this issue following the release of Draft Taxation Ruling TR 2019/D6 and public consultation subsequent to the release.

Materials from this session:

Australian corporate tax residency

Author(s):  Mathew CHAMBERLAIN

This paper covers the current landscape in relation to corporate tax residency, provides some practical insights into the challenges facing companies and how they can be managed.

Materials from this session:

Tax transparency

Author(s):  Damien Williams

In preparing and publishing an annual Tax Transparency and Payments to Governments Report, corporates face many different types of tax transparency measures to adopt. This video covers the main requirements of the following tax transparency measures and much more.

Materials from this session:

The energy transition

Author(s):  O'Hare Janelle

This paper covers:

  • what the energy transition means for the tax mix and how it will it impact the revenues of Government
  • the role of tax policy and fiscal settings for the energy transition
  • the current tax regime in Australia relevant to the transition
  • other global fiscal settings and incentives and how they compare to the Australian regime
  • the potential reforms in Australia to support the transition.
Materials from this session:

Baseball playbook - MLI, MAP and mandatory binding arbitration

Author(s):  Martin FRY

This paper covers:

  • how arbitration works, with a focus on the final offer model adopted under most of Australia's DTAs, also known as the 'baseball' model
  • how taxpayers get to arbitration, and whether the prospect of arbitration can be expected to affect MAP
  • the tensions and complex decision making required in balancing domestic procedures for resolution with resolution achieved through MAP or arbitration
  • international experiences in tax arbitration.
Materials from this session: