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2019 National Superannuation Conference

Published on 29 Aug 2019 | Took place at Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney, National

The national superannuation conference is the premier event for tax specialists in the superannuation industry, uniquely dealing with the tax issues impacting both the large fund and self-managed superannuation fund sectors. Topics covered included:

  • ATO presentation – issues for large funds
  • contributions
  • emerging developments – large funds
  • pensions and ECPI
  • domestic investments
  • superannuation death benefits – recent cases and thinking
  • update on justified trust for super funds
  • investments – what’s new?
  • trends in court decisions affecting superannuation funds
  • the use of equity derivatives in superannuation
  • resolving and avoiding internal disputes in SMSFs
  • ways superannuation funds can operationalise the tax legislation through the use of technology
  • GST issues in the superannuation industry
  • tips, traps and dtrategies for pension commencement
  • digital disruption and the superannuation industry.

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Individual sessions

The ultimate guide to understanding ECPI and segregation

Author(s):  Melanie Dunn

This paper covers:

  • the ultimate guide to understanding ECPI and segregation 
  • is an actuarial certificate required for the 2018-19 financial year?
  • Article 1: what is segregation?
  • Article 2: disregarded small fund assets
  • Article 3: technical guide to the deductibility of expenses in an SMSF.
Materials from this session:

Legislative and reform update - SMSFs

Author(s):  Peter BURGESS

This paper covers:

  • pre election measures
  • increasing the maximum number of fund members
  • preventing inadvertent concessional contribution breaches
  • LRBAs and total super balance
  • three-yearly audit cycle for some SMSFs 
  • minor technical amendments.


Materials from this session:

Tips, traps and strategies for pension commencement

Author(s):  Jemma SANDERSON

This paper covers:

  • transition to retirement pensions
  • conditions of release
  • reversionary pensions
  • payments greater than the minimum.



Materials from this session:

Superannuation death benefits – Recent cases and thinking

Author(s):  Peter BOBBIN

This paper covers:

  • introduction - superannuation’s deathly struggle
  • trust law rules, ok?
  • dependent; who me?
  • the spouse “blow-in” problem
  • what or who is a child?
  • binding super death benefits or not?
  • super is exposed to estate claims.
Materials from this session:

Economic outlook: Implications for superannuation industry

Author(s):  Craig James

This presentation covers:

  • current global issues
  • importance of China
  • Australia stocktake
  • wages & prices
  • business & consumers.
Materials from this session: