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2019 Financial Services Taxation Conference

Published on 06 Feb 2019 | Took place at QT Gold Coast, Gold Coast, National

This event included sessions exploring the future of tax reform in Australia, tax policy in the digital age and striking an appropriate balance between integrity in the tax system and providing certainty for taxpayers. Sessions also were included on emerging issues and reforms such as the updates to Australia’s international tax infrastructure, stapled structures and hybrid mismatches.

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Individual sessions

Accounting standard changes that impact tax

Author(s):  Geoffrey YIU,  Zuzana Paulech

This paper covers:

  • AASB 9 financial Instruments
  • AASB 15 revenue from contracts with customers
  • AASB 16 leases
  • AASB 17 insurance contracts
  • tax impacts of accounting standard changes.


Materials from this session:

Current issues for GST credit recovery in financial services – A revisiting of the fundamentals

Author(s):  Anthony FITZGERALD,  Hoa Wood

This presentation covers:

  • ATO financial services and Insurance GST strategy
  • application of GST to Financial Services – the fundamentals;
  • practical outcomes – examples in GSTD 2018/D1
  • industry perspective.
Materials from this session:

Future Aussie tax reform: An academic perspective

Author(s):  John Freebairn

This paper covers:

  • why tax reform?
  • taxation and national productivity
  • replacing conveyance duty with a broad base land tax.




Materials from this session:

Recent cases

Author(s):  Joanne DUNNE

This paper provides a summary of tax judgments from the Federal Court, Full Federal Court and the High Court from January 2018 to the end of December 2018.

Materials from this session:

Branch attribution for banks

Author(s):  Julian PINSON,  James Campbell

This presentation covers:

  • banking landscape
  • typical structures
  • legal framework
  • current areas of focus for the ATO
  • insight from the tax avoidance taskforce (top 100 and top 1000 programs)
  • RBA vs FSE in practice – is there much difference?
  • what does this mean for taxpayers seeking assurance over branch attribution outcomes?
  • scope for Australia adopting the FSE under the Authorised OECD approach.
Materials from this session:

Australia’s hybrid mismatch rules: The new goalposts for financing arrangements

Author(s):  Andrew Hirst,  Amelia Teng

This presentation covers:

  • ATO – experience to date
  • hybrid financial instruments
  • transactions involving branches.



Materials from this session:

Interest withholding tax - Common issues

Author(s):  Ian KELLOCK,  Bronwyn KIRKWOOD,  James Sainty

This paper covers:

  • overview of interest withholding tax
  • double tax agreement exemptions
  • Section 128FA: public offer test for eligible unit trusts
  • letter of credit facilities
  • offshore trust lender
  • Section 128AC: hre purchase arrangements
  • assessability of interest.
Materials from this session:

Stapled structures – Where to from here?

Author(s):  Richard BUCHANAN,  Katrina Piva

This paper covers:

  • stapled structures – a brief history 
  • historical issues under audit
  • proposed reform.
Materials from this session:

Taxation of digital business

Author(s):  Michael BARBOUR,  Nishlin MOODLEY

This paper covers:

  • OECD project on digital taxation
  • response to the OECD’s digital work
  • Australia’s response
  • value creation and intangibles
  • global minimum tax
  • open banking.




Materials from this session: