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2016 SA Super Day

Published on 10 Jun 2016 | Took place at Stamford Plaza, Adelaide, SA

This event covered recent budget announcements and other superannuation changes, and also covered the latest updates to contributions on a practical level, SMSFs and how to achieve successful succession considerations around investments in superannuation vehicles, pension strategies, and then concluded with consideration of whether life insurance should be held in super.

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Individual sessions

Investments in super

Author(s):  Tim Miller

This paper covers:

  • investment rules
  • collectables and personal use assets
  • in-house asset rules
  • definitions used for collectables, personal use assets and in-house assets
  • sole purpose test
  • SMSFR 2010/1 - acqusition of an asset from a related party
  • conclusion - dealing with pre 2011 collectable and personal use assets.
Materials from this session:

Successful SMSF succession

Author(s):  Jemma SANDERSON

This paper covers:

  • recent cases
  • common misconceptions
  • blended families.
Materials from this session:

Superannuation update

Author(s):  Liz WESTOVER

This paper covers:

  • superannuation statistics
  • budget update
  • labour policies
  • post budget planning
  • end of financial year planning
  • end of financial year planning
  • technical update
  • ATO focus.
Materials from this session:

Superannuation contributions - What’s new..?

Author(s):  Alex Reade

This presentation covers:

  • concessional contributions
  • non-concessional contributions
  • special contributions
  • refunding contributions
  • reserving contributions.
Materials from this session:

Pension strategies and taxation issues

Author(s):  Matthew Andruchowycz

This paper covers:

  • restrictions on super advice
  • commencing a pension
  • taxation of pensions
  • terminating a pension
  • pension strategies.
Materials from this session:

Life insurance - In or out of SMSF? - Case studies

Author(s):  Tony SIMMONS

This paper covers:

  • common definitions
  • general taxation provisions
  • SIS provisions
  • effect of 1/7/2014 changes
  • acquisition of life insurance policies from related parties
  • tax deductibility of insurance premiums.
Materials from this session: