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Tax-effective restructuring for SMEs


Business and investment structures which may have been appropriate for the business and personal circumstances of particular taxpayers when first established may become less efficient and appropriate as those circumstances change over time, and may require adjustment or restructuring. This paper sets out some structuring options and techniques that can be used when changes in circumstances occur and the client’s structure or structures may require some modification.

The paper discusses a range of changes in circumstances and/or client-driven behaviour that are commonly encountered in practice. They include legislative and Australian Taxation Office change, particularly in the treatment of unpaid present entitlements, growth and asset protection, streamlining a complex structure, and preparing for a sale and injection of equity.

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Stephen Holmes CTA
Photo of author, Stephen HOLMES Stephen Holmes, CTA, is a Partner at WMS Chartered Accountants based on the Gold Coast. Stephen has a particular focus on CGT, taxation implications of trusts and SME tax issues generally. He is a regular resource for other accounting professionals on tax matters. He is also a regular speaker on tax matters across south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales. In addition to holding Masters degrees in both Taxation and Economics, Stephen holds a Juris Doctor degree from Bond University Law School with first class honours. - Current at 30 July 2020
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