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Corporate Tax Masterclass

Published on 19 Oct 2011 | Took place at Swissotel, Sydney, NSW

This event was designed for tax people working in a corporate environment and covered not just the main income tax and GST developments but also the broader finance and regulatory issues.

Topics included:

  • looking at the proposed tax consolidations changes and how corporates will move forward
  • the key tax issues associated with current capital management strategies
  • what you need to advise directors on the changes to director liabilities
  • the new Schedule of Reportable Tax Positions - A new era of disclosure
  • tax accounting - What tax people need to know
  • recouping tax losses
  • Part IVA cases and corporates
  • preparing for GST changes.

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Individual sessions

Tax consolidation - Rewind and move forward

Author(s):  Peter MURRAY

This presentation covers:

  • tax consolidation
  • moving forward
  • consolidation issues arising out of M&A transactions.
Materials from this session:

Current strategies for capital management

Author(s):  Simon JENNER,  Ryan Kahn

This paper covers:

  • franking of distributions paid under the new Corporations Law dividend rules
  • taxation of share buy-backs
  • taxation of debt buy-backs
  • tax treatment of returns on funding instruments.
Materials from this session:

What you need to advise directors on the changes to director liabilities

Author(s):  Ellen Thomas,  Joel Hankinson

This paper covers:

  • Meredith, Soong & TLAB7
  • measures to address phoenix activity
  • other points of interest.
Materials from this session:

Reportable tax position schedule

Author(s):  Judy MORRIS

This paper covers:

  • defining a reportable tax position
  • background and rationale
  • the draft schedule and early disclosure form
  • using RTP disclosures
  • definitions.

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Disclaimer: This paper represents laws and policies at the time it was presented. Persons should make appropriate inquiries, check the law for currency, and seek independent advice before acting in reliance on it.

Materials from this session:

Preparing for reportable tax positions

Author(s):  Anita Paddock

This presentation covers:

  • preparation for RTPs
  • RTP schedule - Roadmap to implementation.
Materials from this session:

Tax accounting - What tax people need to know

Author(s):  Ronen VEXLER

This presentation covers:

  • recent tax developments
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • recent/proposed changes in accounting standards
  • tricks and traps
  • key take-away messages.
Materials from this session:

Tax losses - What you need to know before you can recoup

Author(s):  Muhunthan KANAGARATNAM

This paper covers:

  • a refresher on loss recoupment
  • widely held companies
  • losses with nil available fraction
  • cases
  • the future.
Materials from this session:

Part IVA and corporates

Author(s):  Graeme COOPER

This paper covers:

  • background - The cases
  • the scope of the 'scheme'
  • purpose
  • the relevant counterfactual 
  • Part IVA and other anti-avoidance rules.
Materials from this session:

Preparing for the GST changes

Author(s):  Andrew HOWE,  Paul Nguyen,  Rhys PENNING

This paper covers:

  • self assessment of GST
  • reverse charging SOGC’s
  • cross border changes
  • financial supply changes.
Materials from this session: