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7th Annual SA property day

Published on 21 Feb 2014 | Took place at Stamford Plaza, Adelaide, SA

This event focused on difficult practical issues for tax practitioners who advise on property investment and development transactions.

It covered:

  • what advice should you give a client who calls on Friday to tell you they are bidding at an auction on Saturday and want a ‘creative structure’?
  • how can you improve the tax position of a new client who has a diverse property portfolio or has just inherited real estate?
  • what should you be telling a client who wishes to leave property to the next generation, perhaps using superannuation?
  • what are the GST implications?
  • and what are the 25 biggest issues in property tax (or‚ 25 things I hate about property tax?).

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Individual sessions

Planning to purchase property in a perfect world

Author(s):  Jim MCMILLAN

This paper covers:

  • introduction – assumptions can be dangerous
  • planning and development – some preliminary legal considerations
  • financing issues
  • structuring issues – tax considerations
  • unit trusts – a cautionary note regarding stamp duty
  • stamp duty – "and/or nominee contracts"
  • cooling off rights.
Materials from this session:

Dealing with real property in non-ideal structures

Author(s):  Richard Bowden

This paper covers:

  • structuring considerations when dealing with real property
  • considerations where real poperty is held in a “non-ideal” structure
  • case studies involving non-ideal structures
  • real property held within a deceased estate.
Materials from this session:

Property transactions: Think about GST or else!

Author(s):  Michael EVANS

This paper covers:

  • GST legislative treatment of real property supplies
  • residential, commercial residential and non-residential premises
  • the sale of leased premises – who pays the GST on rental?
  • going concerns and farm land – the monster in the cupboard.
Materials from this session:

SMSF property holdings – Passing the baton to the next generation

Author(s):  Daniel JENKINSON

This paper covers:

  • the intergenerational asset transfer challenge
  • strategies
  • handing over control of an SMSF
  • death benefits – planning for certainty?
Materials from this session:

Difficult practical property tax issues or 25 things I hate about property tax!

Author(s):  Michael BUTLER,  Grantley STEVENS

This paper covers:

  • can you reduce GST by not registering?
  • can you reduce GST by deregistering?
  • can you reduce GST using margin scheme?
  • can you reduce GST using going concern?
  • can you recover input tax credits?
  • can you recover past input tax credits?
  • can you reduce land tax using minority interests?
  • can you reduce land tax using trusts?
  • can you reduce stamp duty with equity bonds or cloning?
Materials from this session: