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ondemand_video Understand your new TASA obligations

28 Nov 2023 |

In this webinar, Senior Advoctate Robyn Jacobson, CTA discusses:

  • Tranche 1 - new law
  • Tranche 2 - new law
  • Practical takeaways

ondemand_video End of year tax issues video

08 Jun 2023 |

The end of each financial year often involves reviewing your clients’ tax affairs to ensure they are in order. In addition to the regular year-end considerations, this year there are particular matters that warrant the attention of practitioners.

Presented by our Senior Advocate, Robyn Jacobson, CTA, this practical session will examine the tax policy and administrative measures relevant to your clients this year-end. Comprehensive slide materials will be provided and the session will include a live facilitated Q&A.

In particular, this session will cover:

  • Measures ending on 30 June 2023
  • Measures commencing on 1 July 2023
  • Key announced but unenacted measures
  • Issues specific to 2023
  • Recurring year-end considerations
  • Cyber security.

ondemand_video Part 5: Understanding aggregated turnover video

20 Apr 2023 |

The concept of ‘aggregated turnover’ is relevant to many provisions in the tax law and a wide range of business taxpayers, not just small business entities.

This session will discuss:

  • Relevance of ‘aggregated turnover’ to various provisions in the tax law
  • General meaning of ‘aggregated turnover’
  • How the meaning is modified for different purposes
  • Practical issues with determining entities that are ‘connected with’ the taxpayer and the taxpayer’s affiliates.
  • ondemand_video True grit: Building, scaling and selling NowInfinity to an ASX listed organisation and beyond

    28 Mar 2023 |

    In this video Amreeta Abbott details her journey from conceptualisation to building and selling one of the most loved products in the accounting industry, NowInfinity. From humble beginnings, focused on the SMSF sector and its documentation needs, Amreeta built NowInfinity into a cutting-edge cloud-based platform disrupting established providers of corporate compliance solutions and legal documentation. This video showcases the challenges and complexities Amreeta resolved first-hand, that led to her new rocketship venture, digital signature solution Annature. A real David and Goliath story. You will take away insights into:

  • The role accountants and advisers play in a start-up
  • Forming effective long-term business relationships (where they work and where they don’t)
  • How to create opportunities within your client base and;
  • Creating a roadmap for success
  • ondemand_video Part 4: Navigating the capital allowance rules video


    Understanding the interaction of the myriad of capital allowance rules is vital to correctly applying the law to your clients’ circumstances.

  • This session will discusses:
    • Division 40 — General depreciation rules
    • Subdivision 328-D — Simpler depreciation rules for small business entities
    • The end of temporary full expensing
    • Tax treatment on disposal of depreciating assets.

  • ondemand_video Managing Business Entities in Estate Administration video

    27 Jan 2023 |

    Presented at: Death & Taxes Conference

    When an owner of a business dies, what happens next? Businesses are owned by companies, trusts, partnerships, sole traders. How do these structures play out in an estate administration? What are the implications for the executors and beneficiaries? What are the implications for the other business owners and the business itself? This video aims to review the business ownership structures from an estate administration perspective including:

    • Understanding impact death has on partnerships and other ownership structures
    • Applying the terms of a will to business structures
    • Administrative concessions applied by the ATO and elections required
    • Consideration of the personal representatives’ role in regards to the business (continuation or wind up)
    • Issues with preserving value; and
    • Impact of buy/sell agreements

    ondemand_video Tax Fundamentals Insights Series: Part 3: Trust fundamentals video

    30 Nov 2022 |

    Correctly applying the tax law to trusts requires a solid understanding of trust law fundamentals.

    This session will discuss:

    • Trust deed issues
    • Settlements and vesting
    • Key tax considerations when making distributions
    • Section 100A
    • Trust loss provisions.

    ondemand_video Super Guarantee video


    In this video Anushka covers:

  • High level overview of what it is and the implications when it is paid late
  • Rate rises from 1 July 2021
  • Announcement in budget of $450 threshold removal and;
  • Stapled superfunds.
  • ondemand_video Keeping it in the family video


    Structuring wealth for families faces new challenges. David cover developments in:

  • Debt-collecting by tax authorities by suing relatives of the taxpayer, to undo ‘gifts’ made to them and;
  • What the recent cases about ‘gift and loan back’ tell us. Where are we up to?
  • ondemand_video Non-arm’s length income – the important changes, must know issues and key strategies video


    The ATO has adopted an extremely broad view on what is NALI. There is also the potential for certain amounts to be both NALI and a contribution. The ATO are still consulting on the difference between what might be NALI versus a contribution. There is now currently considerable uncertainty on many common place strategies which we will seek to clarify. This presentation provides an overview of:

  • NALI/NALE – the key risks and latest developments
  • NALE with specific expense versus general expense nexus
  • What can a trustee do without invoking NALI
  • The ATO’s latest views on what is a contribution versus NALI (consultation draft ruling TR 2010/1-DC)
  • SMSF purchase 50% of business real property from a related party and the related party contributes the remaining 50%
  • What documentation is required to minimise risk.